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Benefits of using Incentiv

Save time & money

Calibrate decisions to the market - don’t overspend or under-motivate.

Make better decisions

Rich data and tools to manage a
comprehensive incentive program.

Attract top talent

Land your dream exec team with
data-driven offer packages.

Businesses we serve

Investment Firms

Incentiv helps growth equity and private equity firms manage talent across their global portfolios.

How we help investment firms
Effortless data collection
A single hub for your exec data
Pre-built portfolio analytics
Rich industry benchmarking
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Private Companies

Incentiv helps leaders make data-driven decisions, have impactful conversations, and build trust.

How we help private companies
Comprehensive coverage
Personalized benchmarks
Intuitive comp mgmt. tools
Proactive alerts and reminders
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The Incentiv Platform

Incentiv handles the heavy lifting so you can attract and motivate a high-performing leadership team.

Executive compensation

Unlock a new level of comp benchmarking precision.

Equity incentive plans

Manage every aspect of your equity plan in one place.

Company bonus pools

Tailor your bonus plan to you and your business goals.

Talent development

Track performance and potential over time.

Succession planning

Ensure your leadership pipeline is always robust.

Diversity measurement

Measure diversity to benefit from unique perspectives.

Compare to legacy players


Data per executive

<10 elements
>50 elements


Cash & equity only
  • Exec Comp
  • Bonus Pools
  • Equity Plans
  • Hire Terms
  • & more

Built for

Rank-and-file FTEs


12 month lag


Public Company 

Private Company

Legacy players

Data per exec:
<10 elements
Cash & equity only
Built for:
Rank-and-file FTEs
Lags up to 12 months
Public Company
Independent Boards
>50 elements
Cash, equity, employment terms, MEPs, bonus pools, and more
Private Company
Owner Mentality

Privacy by design

Committed to safeguarding your data
Compliance with global privacy laws & regulations
Enterprise-grade security that supports privacy
Benchmarks based on de-identified data only
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The first platform built for executive talent management
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